2020 Date and Times To Be Announced Soon!

New Carnival Games Coming Halloween 2020!

Interactive Trick or Treat and haunt decor

What is Interactive Trick or Treat?  We are striving to bring back the days of ole where kids could don their favorite costume and have fun Trick or Treating in a safe, fun, spooky but not to scary environment.  

Our motto is "Bringing Back Trick or Treat One Kid at a Time!"  As our society has changed, kids no longer get to experience the fun of what Halloween used to be. BUT we hold true to the fact that Halloween is STILL the only day we open our door to strangers!

So, we have created an Interactive Trick or Treat that brings back  the old school Trick or Treating of going up to a creepy house to ring the doorbell.  BUT kids will get a little more than one piece of candy - we have designed a multi-stationed kid friendly haunt that starts off with a stroll thru the cemetery, the Witches Cavern, Not so Creepy Carnival Games (clown dart throw, NEW shooting gallery and skeletoss in 2019 and more!), laser vortex tunnel and if you are brave enough a tour thru Payne's Playhouse.  Come see our new laser vortex tunnel and clown around with the Bubbles full of Fog!